What’s New For You During This Pandemic?

New Things During Pandemic

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Trying to find the words to express how I have felt throughout this pandemic has been really challenging. I find myself more impatient than ever and patience is something that I work on everyday in my normal environment(s). Another struggle…what is new for me? Do I have any new and exciting hobbies as a result of this pandemic? I am jealous of the many people doing various things they may have not done before, or in a long time and maybe just doing more of. Others are learning a new appreciation for what they have or had. Many are just now recognizing the good and bad in their life and ready to clean out. What is new for me during this pandemic?

People are doing some awesome things during this pandemic. Me on the other hand, feel more lazy than normal. Shouldn’t I be doing more? Isn’t this a time when I can press the reset button and refresh my life with something new? All of these questions. But at the end of the day, I want to sleep away the days and nights. Could that be a sign of depression? Probably but that is not what this post is about.

General New Things

We are learning so many things about friends through social media during this pandemic. Here is a list of only some:

New During the Pandemic: DIT haircuts, home projects, online meetings, reading more books
  • Learning New Things
  • Heavy Spring & Clutter Cleaning
  • Reading Books
  • Watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon, etc.
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Cutting and/or dyeing hair – their own, someone else’s, pets
  • Virtual Meetings/Happy Hours
  • Exercising
  • Spending a lot more time with immediate family
  • TikTok videos
  • Home projects
  • Pet adoption
  • New appreciation for things/people/etc.

Many people are doing things they have never done before, I want to follow suit but my excitement is not there. Others are learning new languages, attempting DIY projects, finally tackling something you have always wanted to do but never had the time. So, I really needed to think long and hard to come up with anything new that I am doing but I may have a few things. Now, whether or not they are exciting? You be the judge.

Eating Right

New Things: Eating Right

One thing that I started before the pandemic and to be honest, I’ve done every January for the past 5 years is the 10-day cleanse portion of the AdvoCare 24-day JumpStart (formally 24-day Challenge). My husband did the complete 24-day challenge. We did really well! I lost 4.4 lbs and 9.25 inches overall during those 10 days. My husband lost 18 lbs during his 24 days. However, what happened next was unexpected yet rewarding.

Since my 10-day cleanse and all throughout this pandemic, I have continued to log all of my food and pay special attention to my calorie, water, carbs, protein, and fat intake. I started out using the FitBit app and now have switched to My Fitness Pal. While it can be a pain, it is also rewarding. Since I ended the 10 day challenge at the end of January, I have lost an additional 7.4 lbs and surpassed my goal weight for the 1st time in 7 years! I also started ‘my version’ of intermittent fasting – not eating until lunch time, which I believe has helped me greatly. Sure, weight has been up and down by a couple of pounds every so often but that is totally normal because of water weight! FYI: Intermittent fasting is not part of the AdvoCare cleanse or JumpStart program.

Exercising More

I am a runner. There, I said it. While most, if not all by the time you read this, have been cancelled through July/August (and probably beyond based on the hype), I have not cancelled running. Actually, I run/walk almost every single day. Whether it is on my treadmill, throughout my neighborhood, or venturing out to less crowded areas. If I need a break, I usually walk or bike instead.

Belonging to several running clubs is a great motivation. While we have been unable to actually have our weekly group runs, we still connect through Facebook, Strava, and club websites. This has helped me to get out there! One of the running clubs had a 3-month winter challenge in December. You set monthly goals and if you crush them, get a fun ornament commemorating your accomplishments. I crushed it during the winter months logging nearly 100+ miles every month. I continue to log all miles and it has really helped me stay on track (and probably with my weight loss as well)!

Watching Kids – New

Beware, I have been watching my nephews for the past 7 weeks. Why is this new? Because, we are childless. Patience is not my forte. However, during this pandemic I offered to help my sister with this task because my parents are staying at home to help stop the spread and stay healthy. It has been interesting to say the least. I love them so much but it has been difficult for me. Mostly because they like to harass each other as boys will be boys but then they start arguing-dislike. Phrases like ‘he hit me’ and ‘stop it’ are constant and it is quite annoying to me. I try and break down their actions so they can learn how not to act. My sister would say I am over reacting. I agree but hey, I’m watching them so please behave for me! HA!

School work is interesting. The older one just gets it done with subtle reminders. The younger one usually gets it done as well but gets distracted often. Between the schoolwork, “can I go on my iPod?,” “can I go downstairs and play the PS4?”, and other things that happen daily, please get outside is often a conversation. If the weather could only cooperate for two days in a row!

To make sure I get something out of watching these yahoos (I do love them but I need to work too), each week we record a voicecast about social distancing. Perhaps it is a pre-cursor to the podcast vibes I have been forever thinking about. Hmmm…only time with tell. Please listen – it is always interesting to hear about this pandemic from a kids point of view!

NEW! Social Distancing from a Kids Perspective

New Appreciations

I have developed a new appreciation for parenting. In my mid-twenties, I decided I didn’t want children for many reasons I won’t get into here. Through this pandemic, that decision has never been more validated. You have to be a special person to rear, teach, feed and deal with children. My hats off to all parents, grandparents, teachers, day care workers, and babysitters-you rock!

I appreciate my running community. Even during these trying times, we still get together through zoom, have social distancing walks/runs with a very small, limited groups, and give kudos and positive reinforcements through apps such as Strava. In fact, my mile times are getting a little faster while running alone so I cannot imagine what my actual race pace will be once we are able to have large gatherings again – can’t wait!

Food has been an interesting part of this quarantined life. I have cooked a little more, baked some fun treats, and learned new food options with the food items we have on hand. We have also brought back some crock-pot meals that we haven’t had in many years! When it comes to curbside delivery and/or ordering food from restaurants we usually dine in, we haven’t veered to far from what we used to do. Ordering food from a restaurant is not something we have really done. We fall back on pizza, wings, and subs. I am okay with that! I love pizza and because I am tracking it all now, I am not as worried about weight gain as much as I use to be.

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The things that I have done are not rocket science by any means. I still haven’t done anything really ‘new’ except watching my nephews 1-3 times each week (I normally only have them over less than a handful of times a year). However, I suppose refining habits or things that I already have done is better than nothing!

One of the things that I have been thinking about throughout this pandemic, is learning sign language. I have always been amazed at those who learn and use sign language. So, that is something that I have been looking into online. If I can roll it into some lessons with my nephews when I am there, it would be even better! Wish me luck!

all the best, *judean*

PS: Let me know what new things you have learned or done during this pandemic. It may light a spark for me to try something new!

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  1. I like that you’ve summed up your quarantine time – we are all so different and have learned to cope in different ways. Glad to hear you’re still running! That’s helped me feel normal during this time as well!

  2. I think everyone’s e patience during this time is different and that’s okay! It’s part of my “normal” to try new things frequently. I’m always “going beyond”. So for me this time hasn’t been all that different except I’m shopping for my older parents. We have gotten more done in my backyard garden than usual because my husband is home when typically he works outside the home. Do what feels right to you!

  3. Some days I feel lazier, other days I feel like I can conquer the world. Then a few hours later I have taken my second nap. Mind you – I am still working outside the home too, so it has been an interesting mix of emotions. Just trying to keep it going day to day!

  4. What great ideas! I think this time has really helped people find their interests that they may not have had time for before.

  5. Other than 18 days of being sick with bronchitis, my life is pretty much the same. I’m a cashier at Walmart (can’t wait to retire) and I work between 39 and 40 hours a week. I would love to be a full time blogger but I have bills to pay.

  6. I have to say this post made me giggle! I have two adult daughters and a teenage son. My oldest daughter has a toddler son who lives here, and the younger daughter lives an hour away and doesn’t seem to be interested in having children. Whenever she comes over and sees toddler-terrordom, it reinforces that she does NOT want children. I can’t imagine her trying to babysit for any length of time. LOL

    1. I’m glad you laughed! I try to make that happen. Seriously…each time I am on Zoom with my mom and sisters, my nephews are always getting in trouble and my sister is yelling at them all of the time. I start yelling too – HA

  7. Great perspective! I’ve been doing a lot since being at home, because if I can’t make things happen now, when will I ever do it? I’ve been logging food, trying to eat healthier (though living with all boys makes that incredibly difficult), and I’ve been trying out different exercises. I’ve been indulging in a lot of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ too. Balance, lol.

  8. While I feel like this pandemic has caused a lot horror things I can see the silver linings that are emerging as well, and new found lifestyles that hav e people taking better care of themselves.

  9. Great post! Thanks for your honesty. I see a lot of people doing awesome things during this time, I try every day but sometimes fall short. Congrats! on the weight loss and exercising. Thanks for sharing!

  10. It’s weird that some days I feel that I have time to do things, while others I struggle to make it through the day. For me the new things are: HIIT workouts, baking, cooking and TikTok!

  11. I am a teacher, so learning how to navigate online lessons and Zoom have been high on my list of new things I’ve done. I have been cooking a lot more, which I usually never do, so that has been a lot of fun! My girls help and then help with the cleanup, too! It’s been great bonding time!

  12. That’s a lot that you’ve done! I’m sure watching your nephews so often has been challenging since you’re not used to it–I do it all the time and it’s challenging ; )

  13. This has been an interesting time, I just left my full time office job in January to write full time — so I expected to be home, but still an adjustment.

  14. Learning sign language is a great idea! I think it’s so cool to be able to talk to someone across the room without bothering anyone!

    I’ve edited and created more videos for my students and others. I’ve learned more about blogging and creating my own online course. I got my son quails and he’s learned how to take care of them. My 4th & 5th child discovered they can ride a bicycle and LOVE it. I’ve discovered when we do just a little each day, we really do get closer to our bigger goal. 😉

  15. Well this sounds like you’re doing enough as it is…epecially watching kids when youre not accustomed to it. That takes a lot of energy and yes, patience!

    I’m re-learning the importance of rest, interestingly enough! I’m also reconnecting with writing and blogging, which has felt nice.

  16. We were hoping to become more healthy through all of this but haven’t really achieved that goal. We have done a lot of other things though like taking advantage of some of the free online classes different companies were offering. We also got to clean up our social media and website posts which has been a big help.

  17. I personally have watched more TV then normal, this is new for me, but I also have had more family time that has helped grow the bond of our multigenerational family! Lots of food for thought here!

  18. Kudos for helping your sister! That is not an easy task to take on. They know you well enough to be comfortable acting up! lol

  19. Great job being healthy. In the program you used is it a true cleanse like no eating solid food? How does it work?

  20. This is great that you’ve been able to do these thing, we definitely have extra time to do new things!

  21. It seems to me that you HAVE done a lot. Don’t be modest! I felt just like you at first, everyone is trying new things, setting new goals, and all I wanted to do is sleep. But I did get something out of this pandemic, more time with my husband, and I started my own blog, so it might count as something.

    1. Thank you Monica – congratulations on your blog! It is A LOT of work…but stick to a schedule and education yourself and all will be well 🙂

  22. Awesome! I have take. In the job of homeschooler… while still working outside the home myself… But my favourite part has been getting my 12 year old daughter into working out with me. We do weights, partner-style workouts and outdoor runs (we run as a family often).

    1. That is awesome! My husband has been exercising a heck of a lot more than normal (not with me…he is too fast). I have also began working out with my nephews when I am there….it is fun to watch them. Its motivating 🙂

  23. Getting used to our new kind of normal will take some time. But I firmly believe we will get through this, stronger and wiser…

  24. I struggle during the pandemic too. There are so many things I could get done yet I don’t have the motivation to do any of them! I have found that I’m working more online and that is a great thing for my business, so I guess that would be my “new” during the pandemic.

    1. Working more on your business is a great, positive thing! I have done the same but struggling to find the reward. We shall see how the world changes…unfortunately, I don’t think we will get back to half of what we did until 2021.

  25. I have worked on fine tuning my blog and getting a lot more writing done. Also, I think my closets and drawers have never been cleaner or more organized!

    1. That is awesome! We are in bedroom transition right now (and have been since February unfortunately). My drawer items are spread out over a bed. Very depressing since we cannot find furniture right now!

  26. Thanks for your post. A good inventory and reflection. I have also found myself losing that discipline and motivation – which is crazy because you have the time. My schedule hasn’t changed much and yet I am still feeling some of that. But to your point, things you can do – so I have throughout worked out every morning but my dietary habits have been a challenge. So have improved on that. And just now starting to really do the spring cleaning stuff. This is encouraging. Thanks.

    1. It is like there is something in the air that is messing with all of us (well there kind of is but that is not what I mean). It is an air of weirdness. Working out is very important! I have done more of that than normal…40 activities for the month of May totaling 86.2 miles so far.

  27. Great post! I think the pressure to do all the things during the pandemic is pretty overwhelming! So I appreciate your honest perspective.

    I’m glad you highlighted some of the smaller stuff that was new to you! Small victories are important. Also good luck learning sign language, it’s a wonderful skill to have!

  28. Lots of fun stuff going on for you during the pandemic! I have definitely been walking and exercising more than ever! Also starting to get wild in the kitchen from cooking so darn much. 🙂

  29. Fun post! Excellent job on all of this! We’ve redone our living room, I’m almost done with my office. And I signed up for a virtual bike ride 434 miles, the distance from Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo to Times Square in NYC. Gonna try to do 868 if I can, there and back! Using this time to be productive, and setting goals really helps me get through this kind of stuff. p.s. your nephews will never forget this time with you!

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