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Throughout my 14+ year HR career, I have been told by management and employees alike that I am not your normal HR person. They are right!

My goal has always been to change the negative perception of HR by building relationships and being different!!

  • Not one to sit in an office for 8-10-12 hours each day. I walk around and chat with employees/management.
  • I build relationships with everyone! It is so important to do so in order to gain respect, generate buy-in and have difficult conversations.
  • Tattoos are special and most work colleagues don’t even notice them for quite awhile after I start with a company. Not because I hide them…usually because they are not ‘in your face’ designs or obvious to the eye.
Flying to vacation destination
hair color
In the office a few days before vacation.

My hair needs to change at least once a year-drastically…usually, before I go on vacation, but remnants remain (purple and pink highlights, blue and green highlights, etc.). This actually helped to develop a very good rapport with a Union Business Agent–those relationships need as much rapport as you can get.

Why was my site created?

To highlight behind the scenes stories of HR Professionals as I have witnessed many interesting things that have affected my life in funny, serious, and crazy ways. However, as I have been working on this blog, I think my focus is really about how being a HR Professional has changed my personal life in ways that may be positive or negative depending on your view. I want other HR professionals to know they are not alone and I want ‘employees’ to know that HR professionals are people too.

This HR Life is on display and will cross into This Personal Life to show how the episodes we are subject to during our long work days affect our after work lives. Work-life balance is literally a balancing act and now a day’s oh so important!  In order to make this happen, creativity is key and my stories will always have a tie to HR whether they are stress relieving vacations, how I relate to things and what happens behind the scenes. Some stories will feel somewhat unbelievable, but it is through those experiences will lead to capturing a large audience.

My Interests

The types of assignments I am interested in: affiliate marketing, social media postings, guest posting, event coverage, and sponsored posts.

I would love to hear your partnership ideas to create amazing content for my fellow HR professionals, friends, foes and general readers. For more information please email Judean at Judean @ hrwhat . com {please remove the spaces}