Not Vaccinated? Surprised, Disappointed, No One is Happy

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So much has happened in the past 24 months and lets face it, no one is happy. From shut downs and shut-ins to masks and the mask-less. The volatile numbers of Covid hospitalizations and deaths to the reopening of businesses, there is a complete change in what we can and cannot do. Everyone has had to rethink, reimagine, and re-do many of life’s tasks. And then we have the vaccinations. To vaccinate or not, that is the question everyone on earth has been tasked with. At this point in time, the USA is at 77.87% of those eligible have received at least 1 dose, 66.5% fully vaccinated (for the most up to date data visit: Yet, the country as a whole continues to mask-up and continues to push vaccinations. Not vaccinated? Are you surprised or disappointed? What we do know is no one is happy.

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Why Vaccinate?

Vaccinations will lead to herd immunity, no masks and eliminate social distancing. These have become dangerous and empty promises throughout the world. Just when you think we are headed to these concepts, we have another variant…and another variant. So, why did you get vaccinated? I have heard so many reasons from friends, family, and foe’s. Here are just a few:

  • Doing my part to keep others safe;
  • I’m immunocompromised;
  • Because of my co-morbidities;
  • My age makes me more susceptible to getting the virus;
  • I want to be able to live to enjoy life, travel, etc.;
  • To help achieve herd immunity;
  • I want to go to football games, concerts, out to dinner;
  • Tired of wearing a mask;
  • In order to keep my job.

Whether your reasons are personal to you, for the benefit of others, or because you are being ‘forced’ to do so, thank you for doing what you did – many applause. For the record, I researched “why people get vaccinated survey” and the search revealed information about why people are unvaccinated….hmmm?

Not Vaccinated?

It is no surprise the guidance as it relates to the coronavirus, vaccinations, masks, etc. has been wish-washy at best. I’m not going to quote anything to fit any narrative, but if you listen to press conferences whether national, international, or local, no matter what news outlets, confusion continues to run amuck. So is it surprising there are still at least 22% of the country that haven’t gotten their 1st vax and 33% haven’t received full vaccination? Why? Here are some of the reasons why many are not vaccinated:

  • Not enough research;
  • Vaccine developed too quickly;
  • My body, my choice;
  • Anti-vax;
  • Vaccine-hesitant;
  • Do not trust the government;
  • Worried about side effects;
  • I’m rebelling.

Some time has gone by since the leaders (NIH, CDC, Local governments, etc.) said vaccinations would lead to herd immunity, mask-less living, etc. It hasn’t happened yet. Vaccine hesitancy, anti-vax sediment for various reasons is real…read about it here and here and here.

Now the push is for boosters. To boost or not to boost, that is the next question.

Will this ever end? What does the future hold?

Stay Tuned

While we are Covid round 4 (or is it 5 now), the last couple of rounds have been more like the flu. I am beginning to wonder if the uptick in mask wearer is because they are afraid to get the latest round OR have they tested positive and now feel by wearing a mask, they can protect others? I would be interested to know your thoughts on this.

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Written at the beginning of the pandemic…still valid?

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