about me

About Me


have worked in the HR space for 16+ years:  training coordinator | specialist | generalist | hrbp | sr hrbp |management | consultant

have been on HRIS and ATS project teams, responsible for closing, relocating and opening facilities

my goal has always been to change the negative perception of HR by building relationships, being different & showing we are people too!! It is a stressful feat!

member of:

traveled for work both domestically and internationally and worked in the following industries as an hr professional:  manufacturing, food service, education, banking, quality, logistics, distribution, and services

have been told by many colleagues that I am a different type of HR professional:

  • one with personality (I like to color my hair in nontraditional ways)
  • one with empathy (Many times I have been in the same situation I am communicating to others)
  • funny (HR can be funny?)
  • at times brutally honest (period. point blank)


residence is in the Northeast region of the USA near the Great Lakes

not kid-friendly, meaning no children for me!

my world also includes running, traveling, and doing my best to stay healthy and sane!

Why this blog?

I started this venture as a way to release energy, tell the whole story, and remain sane. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn what happens behind the scenes and what really goes on in the headspace of an hr professional both from a personal and work-related standpoint?

Also – I would like to share my HR hacks and anything that makes it easier for HR professionals in the HR space!

Things happen that may be the real reason why you do what you do. I am one who ponders life and has come to realize that everything little thing that happens to you as you grow up defines what your life becomes-it could be the smallest thing! I have many stories to tell that will cover the HR realm and at times relate it to personal life-changing situations.

hr professionals are human too and it’s time to share and converse with you about our side…

🙟 Judean 🙟