Were You Happy With 2020 Goals & Aspirations?

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I was so excited in 2020 to outline my goals and aspirations in the form of art – a vision board! However, my world had other plans and I didn’t meet most of my goals. Whoa 2020 was a year to remember. Or maybe a year to forget? In the history books for sure for so many reasons. What about you? Were you happy with 2020 goals and aspirations? I think it is okay to have some bumps in the road. A post mortem, a term we use in the workplace in reviewing and learning from projects, will help to understand the good, the bad and learn what changes can be made to help the next time. This is my post mortem.

The Beginning of 2020

At the beginning I was gung-ho. Instead of writing about my goals and aspirations, I decided to make a video on National Vision Board Day – the second Saturday of January. Unfortunately, I forgot about the ‘holiday’ this year, but revisiting what I did last year to pick it apart seems like a splendid idea–HA!

Mid-Year Reflection

Mid-year, I was very happy and on target and on track with all of my goals. July was wonderful. I actually go step by step into this and wrote about it. Well on my way to achieving everything I wanted too was super blood-pumping!

Vision Board 6-month progress

The End of 2020

My 2020 vision board goals and aspirations were a bust. It may have something to do with what happened in September. My world was rocked in a negative way and it was a bit of a struggle to maintain anything after that. Check out what I mean. I had to let it out! Part I and Part II. WARNING…contents may bring on emotions. It is hard for me to read too.

Instead of writing about where my 2020 goals ended up, let’s get a video update – WARNING….I look like I feel.


I am really not sure where I am going from here. It is almost mid-March and I am driving the struggle bus. Hopefully it doesn’t crash and burn. I need to practice what I preach. It is so important to create goals and aspirations, even if they are tiny. We all go through ups and downs and my down has really made me think about giving up on some things. However, if something would just click for me. I know, I know, I need to snap out of it and only I can help myself. While I look for answers, I would appreciate any advice…someone please help me get out of this rut!

cheers and jeers to 2021 | all the best, judean

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