The Liebster Award! I was nominated!

Liebster award

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Up at 6:30am on Saturday morning so we could get on the road to meet friends about 4½-5 hours away. While in the car waiting to cross the border, I check emails, FaceBook, etc. To my surprise and quite frankly bewilderedness, I received a message I was nominated for The Liebster award! WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHEN? I couldn’t believe it and I woke up right away!

My first thought…what exactly is The Liebster Award?

The 2017 Liebster Award is given to new bloggers by other bloggers and it only exists online! How awesome is that? “The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community.”

Rules for The Liebster Award – click here!

So how did this happen?

Thank you to Michelle Carpenter from!

Michelle is a wife and mom on a sailboat life journey. To sell everything and live and travel around everywhere on a sailboat is crazy! I don’t think I would be able to do that and I look forward so much to keeping up with her blog because her journeys are going to be so interesting and I will assume a bit painful at times. I wish I can walk in her shoes and take on such a life-changing experience…and through her blog, we can! Visit her blog here!

Favorite Blog so far?

So while I have been on my new-found blogging journey, I have been reading and reviewing many blogs. One of my favorites so far is….. and it for sure should be nominated for The Leibster Award! On each blog topic, there is his and her views (ha ha hence the domain) —it is awesome and it feels like therapy. The views feel real, honest and for many couples, should help give general perspective to what goes on in the minds of a married couple or any couple for that matter. To be so honest and fresh about relationships and connecting them to what is out there on social media and tv, etc. is awesome. I love this concept and I think this will be a very popular blog! I will follow it and add comments often. My favorite so far is “Are Arguments a Sign of Love” what do you think?

Here are 5 other new blogs that I feel deserve The Liebster Award:

  • tagline-life begins at the end of your comfort zone-that alone pulled me in
  • tagline-not all those who wander are lost-love it. This is about outdoor backpacking adventures and the set up and ease of use is great!
  • I love to travel and I love this name. So far the blog posts are awesome and I cannot wait to read more!
  • I love travel, fitness and food. This blog has that and more.
  • tagline-be inspired to be yourself. Overcoming many obstacles and it’s ok not to be perfect is the inspiration behind this blog.

So who exactly is this person who is nominating new bloggers? 10 random crazy facts about me:

  • I have 4 sea-life themed tattoos and all of them have added snowflakes in them too – weird I know.
  • BINGO-I could play all day long every day
  • My hair randomly changes color prior to vacations, which makes for an interesting work-life.
  • My favorite band is NKOTB – don’t hate! This year is the 3rd NKOTB cruise I will be on.
  • Ally McBeal was my all-time favorite TV Show
  • That is where I discovered (and the world as well) Josh Groban – I love him
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday – Halloween and Thanksgiving are my least favorite-the colors involved in this holiday alone make me tired.
  • I am a runner-there I said it. 2017 goal? 75 local races (I am at 60 local and 3 elsewhere now).
  • Golf? I’m impatient but love my Lefty – Phil Mickelson!
  • Human resources? Masters degree specialization that was chosen because I thought it would be the easiest – yes to study but to perform? Ehhh……

My blog is really about My HR Life and will most likely transition into My Personal Life. HR is stressful but in order to get through it all, you have to laugh sometimes. I will be telling funny, serious, and crazy behind the scenes HR stories and link them to personal situations. I am sure it will evolve as it moves forward and I welcome you to read, share, like, etc. right here!


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  1. I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging my very new blog in it’s early stages of imperfection 😉 I am truly touched that you took the time to make mention of it on your lovely site. Thank you. I liked your page on FB! I have an odd interest in hr related topics as I was a manager of quite a few precious humans for many years. Now I just focus on managing myself and my toddler, lol. This is also quite a task.

    Hopefully we can connect again in this blogging community 🙂

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