How does one end up in Human Resources?

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Honestly, I have met only very few colleagues in my career who went to college with the idea that they WANTED to be in Human Resources. Many of them fell into HR and I did as well.

I went to college with the idea of being in the tourism arena. I loved travel and airports so why not go to school for tourism? At the time, the Internet was a new ‘idea’ and many chat rooms were through Telnet-Internet Relay Chat in college. At the time, I didn’t realize what was about to happen.

I graduated from college and worked in the tourism industry for a couple of years. Shortly thereafter I started working at a local college recruiting students. During that time, I decided to go back to school for a Masters degree. The tuition reimbursement program was very intriguing and I thought…if they pay for it, I might as well do it.

So, I decided to research colleges…keeping in mind that this was about 7 years after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree so I wanted it to be a little easier since I was older. Instead of an MBA, which I thought would be way too hard; I chose a Masters Degree program. I had to choose between 6 specializations. Out of the 6, I thought the Human Resources Management specialization would be the easiest one!

Fast forward two years and I had an MS degree in HR Management. Voila! Easy? NO. Going back to school after a long hiatus was very stressful and part of that is because you want to be 4.0 student because you are older and that is the expectation. Not that it matters but I achieved 3.91…that darn accounting and financial management class!

Shortly thereafter, I met a business owner who was looking for an HR/Training manager for her local fast food restaurants. That was the start but certainly not the end of my long 14+ year career in Human Resources!

Oh, and what a ride it has been…I will be sharing stories…lots of stories. From work-related situations to behind the scenes happy hour stories…from business travel dinners to shopping escapades for visitor gift bags.

It is going to be one wild ride!  Join me for it!!


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  1. I’ve always said, it’s never too late to go back to school. Even after you waited 7 years, you accomplished another milestone, but also something you grew to love.

  2. I agree with Jessica above! HR is usually the dreaded place for most and the people that work there are not the most fun to talk to. I look forward to reading your stories because I think I am going to have many laughs!

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