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Adult coloring has really become popular in recent years for various reasons. While I love being in the Human Resources field and striving to help companies along with their employees thrive (because if you don’t have happy people, your business will NOT be successful), it sure does take a toll at times. Coloring has really helped me to de-stress. Yes, I exercise and run alot…but sometimes you just need to calm down a bit and coloring does it for me! On this page, I am sharing my social media posted ‘art’ titled, “my coloring expressions“. I will also give a shout out to those coloring books, authors and tools I use to create pictures of my own.

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Christmas in July: Maxim’s Art

Courtesy of my nephew Maxim, co-contributor of Social Distancing from a Kids Perspective. Happy Christmas in July! I like that these colors are non-traditional!

Jaxon’s Art

Courtesy of my nephew Jaxon, co-contributor of Social Distancing from a Kids Perspective. During this pandemic, we spent some time coloring. Jaxon chose this page to brighten!

Jaxon's Coloring Expression

HR- wtf

In the Human Resources world, what the f$#@ is commonly said under one’s breath. Anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing! Or they just use the word ‘heck’ instead?!

Easter Saturday

My 2nd digital coloring expression-impromptu really. I’m trying my best to stay positive & colorful during quarantine!

Happy Easter Saturday - vase of flowers
Courtesy of the PENUP App

Bright Spot

Bright spots help in difficult times. While strange flower colors, it makes me smile during these uncertain times.

Bright Spot: Coloring Expressions
From “The Calm Coloring Book: Beautiful images to soothe your cares away”
by Patience Coster

My First Digital Expression

My new phone came with a stylus & coloring app. It is amazing how gorgeous other digitally colored pics are!

My First Digital Expression
Courtesy of the PENUP App

You’ll Do Valentine

Whether we have a significant other or not, “you’ll do” is all about settling, even if it is for ourselves! HAHA!

I just couldn’t help myself and did a video about what I learned about the History of Valentine’s day…who knew?

No Surprises in HR

This phrase is definitely not surprising for anyone who has dabbled in human resources. Do you agree? #HR LIFE

Hearts and Flowers

Coloring helps calm us & also shows creativity. Each unique picture has an interesting twist or feature. What do you see?

Coloring Expressions: Hearts and Flowers. A heart made of beautiful flowers...but two remain uncolored, undone.
From “The Calm Coloring Book: Beautiful images to soothe your cares away”
by Patience Coster

Storytelling thru Coloring

Coloring not only helps to calm us & show creativity but it also can tell a story. What do you see?


Everyone’s story is different & similar to a photographer, a colorer sees things from a different perspective. What do you see?


I realized this was a repeat pattern after starting it. There are subtle color differences in this piece. What do you see?

Coloring Expressions: Autumn. Pattered, colorful leaves representing Fall. But the pattern is broken.
Yet another from “The Calm Coloring Book: Beautiful images to soothe your cares away”
by Patience Coster

Bite Me

Goodbye, 2019! An excellent representation of leaving the year behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to 2019?

Coloring Expressions: Bite Me. A colorful pattered apple that appears to have a brown bite leading to colorful notes.
From the “Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book”
by Sasha O’Hara

Social Media

This is where you can find/save/explore my coloring expressions art! I will update this page each time I post a new picture. In the meantime, don’t wait for this page to be updated – follow my Pinterest and Instagram pages!

all the best, judean

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  1. Love this. Especially Bite Me … I hadn’t thought about colouring as storytelling before, so that was very interesting. I felt relaxed imagining you colouring those pics.

  2. You are quite skilled in colouring I must say. I childhood, I used to do but these days, I don’t get time for it. Will try to have some and enjoy colouring.

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