Short Reflection 2020: The Good, The Bad, The Best?

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Let’s face it, it has been a $hit$how of a year don’t you think? The ongoing political chaos mixed with an insane presidential election as well as the crazy media frenzy has made me stop watching the news. The health crisis/pandemic throughout the world and the shutdowns still in effect today having an affect on everyone. Some have lost loved ones and friends, others their businesses. Here is my short personal reflection of 2020, the good, the bad and the best things that happened this year.

The Good Reflection 2020

So many terrible things happened this year in our country. The virus took over the world and changed so many things for everyone personally, professionally and financially. I always try and seek the good in everything or at least something positive to take away from the craziness. And while others may read this list and disagree based on their personal situation, I think the world in general could be much, much worse if these good things did not occur.

The Good - Reflection 2020

While the stock market had a Cororavirus Crash this year, it actually recovered quickly and is holding its own. For our 401k’s, 403b’s, investments, etc. we are all doing okay and that is something that is GOOD!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index dropped around 8,000 points in the four weeks from February 12 to March 11, 2020, but has since recovered to 30,199 points as of December 14, 2020. In February 2020 – just prior to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the DJIA index stood at a little over 29,000 points.

While some will disagree, the virus could have been way, way worse if you actually do the math on this graphic below. For the most part, the majority of people followed the ‘rules’ by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and keeping social gatherings to a minimum or not having them at all.

The Good - rates
Visit the CDC Website for Update on this Graph

The Bad Reflection 2020

Mental Health-the bad

Well, I don’t really want to spend a lot of time here for obvious reasons. One reflection of 2020 is Covid. It was and continues to be bad. Businesses continue to struggle and close. People are continuing to get sick. Some die, most recover, but do they really? The hidden affects of this virus are starting to become clear to me. Now I have a very strong opinion about all of this but I will not allow myself to become that person. However, I wrote a post in March about the mental health concerns this pandemic could bring. This was before the media actually started to ‘talk about it.’ I have witnessed first-hand how one is affected by this pandemic both from someone who had Covid and those who have not. The struggle is real and the mental health community is growing by leaps and bounds – this is not good.

On a personal level, I lost my father unexpectedly. The struggle has been real and honestly, so many things fell apart as a result including this website. My father would be very happy today if he were still alive. He would be happy with the election outcome (the current one anyway) as well as our Buffalo Bills winning the AFC Championship for the first time in 25 years! He is missing so much but on a small positive note, he sees it – he is living it – just in a different way…right?

The Best Reflection 2020

Looking for the positive helps heal. Despite all of the negativity in 2020, some people have experienced the best things ever! Let me share a few examples of what I have noticed with others and also some results we weren’t even really seeking. Sometimes the best things happen during the worst of times – go figure!

The Best - Reflection 2020

Many people completed projects in their homes. Projects that have been unfinished for months even years were completed. This is a huge feat and I applaud all of my friends and family who accomplished them!

Others have learned something new. A new language, arts and/or crafts, how to Zoom! I thought about learning sign language but it really was only that…a thought. I’m okay with it!

The Ultimate Best

My husband recently made a pretty interesting statement that surprised me on his reflection of 2020 from a fitness perspective. I will end on his note later. You see, we belong to a couple of running groups and are very active. What I mean by that is we run a lot (races and for fun), bike a lot. In 2018, we ran a combined 140 races. Last year, we ran 96. This year? Well, we ran only 10 this year…which is disappointing BUT…..

The Best Reflection of 2020-goals

Every single year we make a commitment to health and start off with a clean-eating cleanse. This year, we stayed on track throughout the entire year. My husband lost 25 lbs. and I lost 20. We did so by having our most active year ever! Yes – we biked more, ran/walked more and even though we only did a combined 10 races, we both had personal records for our 5k times, 10k times, and for my husband a best half marathon. I also ran 10 miles at once, something I never thought I could do because of my back issues. It truly has been the best year ever for us, our health and our activity. Perhaps we can thank the pandemic for that. Strange don’t you think?

I’ll Leave You With This

I tried my best to give you a short reflection of 2020. Sometimes it takes a really bad thing to create a great outcome. In my HR career, often times I have to have that conversation with an employee that ends up with them receiving severance paperwork-their job was eliminated. I always point to the fact that this could be the beginning of something great – they think I’m crazy but I truly believe. Sometimes I think 2020 is similar to that for many. My husband said it best through a post on a fitness app:

“Well we are at the end of a crazy year, let’s face it this was not the year anyone had in mind. I will say this though it got more people out of the house and more active. I myself found that you can beat your best without races, you can push yourself and become better.”


cheers to 2021 | all the best, judean

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  1. We said the same thing, just not in the same words. I am so sorry you lost your father though. We had the death (due to Covid) of a cousin. But like your success in health activities, I had my book!

  2. Sorry to know about your father. This has indeed been a roller coaster year but I agree that some positivity can always be found. Way to go on your health and running records!

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