Most Fun & Un-relaxing Vacation: NKOTB Pre-Party

The Pre-Party Venue

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NKOTB Cruise Pre-Party

After all of that planning, preparation, and arrival to New Orleans, it is the night before we board the ship for the NKOTB cruise. In pure pre-party fashion, these 5 fabulous men have a charity event to raise money. A couple of weeks before the cruise, an email invite is sent regarding details of the pre-party. Interestingly enough, we learned this venue is literally right across the street from our hotel-easy in, easy out!

I know I should probably be really excited to be in The Big Easy and partying in the French Quarter but I’m really only looking forward to this pre-party. Then it is off to sleep because when we get on ‘da boat’ there is little to no sleep and let’s face it…the cruise is the main event!

MardiGras1 MardiGras1

Last Year’s Event

This is my second year attending a pre-party for charity. I don’t recall NKOTB having one the first year I went on this cruise but in 2016 it was held at Mardi-Gras World. This is where they store all of the Mardi-Gras floats and it is a destination for many visitors to New Orleans. It was awesome to see all of the artwork up close and personal. I remember the stage was wide open and visible from every angle. At this year’s venue, my hope is that there are more beverage lines and the heat and humidity are non-existent. Last year it was stifling hot, bordering on pass-out feeling….this new place has got to be better right?

2017 Event

The pre-party for charity was held at The Sugar Mill. When my roommate and I went to get dinner, the line was already forming outside to get into the venue—almost 2 hours early! Honestly, standing and waiting is something that happens every day and night on the cruise so we decided we would get in line right at 6 pm. They guys generally do not arrive when the doors open, so we would be just fine and in time for their grand arrival.

It is 6 pm and we make our way in line, which stretches all the way around the building, spanning a full block. Once we get into the venue, it seems much larger than last year. The beverage lines are not that long at all so they must have listened to the feedback from last year. We need to get a beverage—first thing! While beverages aren’t really necessary, we are about to embark on the most amazing vacation ever…so it’s time to celebrate the first of four nights of rave-like theme parties with our ‘boys’.

The crowd starts moving towards the middle of the venue. A marching band starts playing music—they must be arriving. Within minutes…the New Kids march in with the band smiling while high-fiving, hugging, and taking selfies with the nearby fans. This is what they do. Each and every friend, fan, etc. feels their warm and welcoming presence-they are excited to be here with us. You see, these bandmates, forever friends, family love us blockheads…we all feel it and for them to spend 4 full days with the majority of the boat being their crazy fans, is an amazing feeling for all.  As Donnie always alludes too…’we are family’.

Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jordan, and Jon are all pumped and primed for this journey – for the 9th year in a row and it is felt by EVERYONE!

Hour of Pre-Fun

The New Kids danced to the beat all around the stage and threw out beads, door prizes, and also walked around the event taking selfies with fellow blockheads and occasionally signing memorabilia. This venue is a bit flatter than last year so it is difficult to see the stage with many in blockheads in front of you. However, I am not one to push through others or follow the New Kids around. I like to enjoy the party, which is really just a pre-cursor to what the cruise is all about – New Kids concerts, game shows, interesting tid-bids, run-ins, beveraging, and selfies.

There is a high probability you may get a picture or selfie with one of the New Kids, all of the New Kids, parents of the New Kids or bodyguards/security of the New Kids – yes most blockheads know who is who’s security, the dads on the boat etc. I wonder who will be on the boat this year…a different special guest than the past two??

The party ended at 8 pm after a lot of grandstanding on stage, dancing to club music and people watching. The time is almost here…we are getting on ‘da boat’ in 15+ hours or so and Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jordan and Jon remind us that the next 4 days we all, emphasize on all, will have the time of our lives. UGH! I can’t wait to get on that boat!

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