My Most Fun & Un-relaxing Vacation: NKOTB Cruise Day 2 – Donnie Wahlberg Day

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It has taken me quite a while to return to my NKOTB Cruise installments and I apologize for that but I am back and this day is all about Donnie Wahlberg!

What is my favorite day of the cruise? I have a couple of those ‘can’t wait’ moments like seeing everyone’s door decorations to see who tops it from the last year, the photo group opportunity and my favorite, the NKOTB concert! Day two was all about the concert and then one of the “right place at the right time” moments happened. Couple that with a Blue Bloods Screening and a surprising moment with Donnie Wahlberg. This is how it went!

During the Day

Daily cruise agendas have much space in between each event so you need to fill your time. Some blockheads chose to sleep in as long as they can so they can prepare for the long night. Others get up early to workout, eat breakfast, or relax on the lounge chairs as the sun rises. On Day 2, my group had nothing to do until concert time at 7 pm. I think I slept in a bit, ate breakfast, and then made my way to the lido deck to bask in the sun. This was the only day that had so much time before the first event…I was going to rest as much as I could. So much time until dinner… was lovely.

NKOTB Concert

Our group was very lucky this year because we attended the first concert of the cruise. This year was a mix of songs old and new and some holiday sprinkled in as well. There are really no words to express how much fun and exciting the concert is and while the below pictures just don’t show any justice – it was a great time!

The pictures were difficult for me to take…

There is an assumption made that if you are a blockhead and love NKOTB then you must follow each New Kid and their endeavors. Contrary to popular belief, I am not one of these individuals. I don’t DVR Blue Bloods nor watch every episode. I will watch it when it is on whether it happens to be Friday night or late night on weekends when they play older episodes. However, I don’t ‘follow’ the show.

Blue Bloods Screening-Donnie Wahlberg Again

On this particular Friday evening, immediately following the NKOTB concert was the latest Blue Bloods screening on the lido deck’s large TV screen… To be honest, my plan was to go to the casino. However, after meeting up with some of my fellow photo group friends, we decided to make our way to the lido deck to at least get a good spot for the Superhero deck party. Blue Bloods appeared half over and we started to make our way through the crowd trying to find a way to get to the floor in front of the stage.

Surprising Selfie!

My first thought was that we were never getting down there because all of these fans will just stay put after the show is over. However, we noticed a section blocked off close to the stage and we later found out it was because Donnie Wahlberg was going to be ‘stationed’ there talking selfies during Blue Bloods. He was not in that area when we arrived. We popped a squat in an area close by and decided once they open the area, the group close to us will most likely move to that open area, which will give us a nice spot to hang out during the deck party. And boy did we pick the best place to wait…the microphone turns on and Donnie Wahlberg is talking about trying to get selfies with everyone on ‘this side’ of the deck. We were on ‘this side’.  I love how things happen when you least expect it! I love him.

The busiest New Kid there is…Donnie Wahlberg is like the energizer bunny during the cruise and it is amazing he keeps going and going and going. Between the NKOTB tour, new CD, the Wahlburgers reality show and business, and Donnie Loves Jennie show, Donnie has spent the last 9 years on a very popular ABC drama Blue Bloods. This is in addition to some movie roles as well…who has the time for all of that? Donnie is timeless and tireless. He makes this cruise feel like we are one big family and I don’t think he gets any sleep the entire 4 days – he is first one to arrive, last one to leave in almost every event – it is truly amazing. #loveeternal

Superhero deck party

Not my favorite night. I am not a superhero fan and borrowed a Captain America t-shirt to wear to the event. May really get into it-I just don’t. I am here for the party. The best part of this night is seeing what the New Kids will wear:

  • Donnie and Jon came out as the Ambiguous Gay Duo – that was hilarious and priceless.
  • Danny was The Wolverine – fits his physique and personality
  • Jordan was Batman – right?
  • Joe first came out with a Captain America t-shirt and belt and changed into Batman’s right-hand man, Robin
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The night ended….Up next, Day 3-a land day in Cozumel. Read about it here!

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