3 Essential Daily Tasks to Get Me Thru Work Days…

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In my HR career, work has been stressful. Many ask, how do you prepare yourself to get through it? There are many things that I do to make sure I start every morning on the right foot.  Now honestly, not every morning is perfect but I try to make sure I do certain things every day, especially for the Monday through Friday work week no matter what career you are in! Each day can bring a different set of emotions and you need to be ready for everything and anything that comes your way! My top 3 essential daily tasks and I definitely feel it when I am missing one of these:


You need to create a to-do list the day/night before so you are prepared and prioritized. While I do use tech tools such as Microsoft Outlook calendar, to-do lists, etc. on both my laptop and phone, I still like to write out my lists, especially at work so that I have something to cross out, colorize and be proud of! I am a fan of Weekly/Monthly Planners. This sets me up very nicely for my day. When I do not organize, I get lost and lose my way.

Morning Workout!!!

At least two times a week (I try to do three), I start my day bright and early at 5:30 am with a boot camp-style personal training workout. I belong to a training workout facility because if I don’t pay to exercise, I have a hard time doing it on my own – strange and silly I know.

morning musts
spark cocktail and workout gloves

While I get my workout clothes together, I quickly make a cocktail of energy drink, vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes…AdvoCare Spark and Rehydrate mixed. I actually do this each and every day in the AM no matter when I get up because it gives me my vitamins AND energy. This alleviates my craving for macchiato’s, latte’s, etc. and also saves me calories and money!


Perhaps the most important task of the day, a protein-packed breakfast. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I try very hard to have protein, fruit, and a complex carb to round out my meal. However, often times I get lazy so a Protein Shake or AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake works for me! Believe me, it is NOT easy but by not doing so makes me feel extremely sluggish throughout the day and I completely notice it. Breakfast is a must!

So that is it! Easy right? Everything seems so easy but to keep up my 3 essential daily tasks amongst a stressful work environment, an overly high work ethic, and a ‘perfectionist’ attitude (in “quotes” because nobody is perfect and by feeling you should be is reason in itself that leads to my stress) it can be really easy to actually forget or forgo all of that.  But, I am warning you, it is worse to do so!

🙟 Judean 🙟

What are your top essential daily tasks to get you started in the morning?  Share your top three in the comments!

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  1. Gah you are spot on with this list! I work from home, and committing to a routine is easy to NOT do, making it more important to do – especially the regular exercise! And breakfast. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll make a shake now and plan a bike ride for after work today 🙂

  2. yes to all three! I’m great about planning my day in advance and eating a protein packed breakfast, usually yogurt with trail mix, but I’ve been slacking on the morning workout. I’m getting back to my morning yoga tomorrow!

    1. I hope you were able to get back into Yoga! I give kudos to anyone who can do Yoga. I feel like I need the relaxing nature of Yoga but I am too impatient and relaxing is difficult for me! Enjoy and keep it up!

  3. I need to get workouts in but with the two kids it’s been a struggle. But there’s always time. I’m going to get more organized and maybe workout with them watching tv at the same time

    1. There are times when I am lazy – it happens! As a result, I have to do boot camp 4-5 times a week to get them all in before they expire. YIKES! this past week I failed at that – signed up for 4 boot camps, only made 3 of them. Just a minor setback but it’s a new week soon!

  4. I always find being organized makes such a difference in my day, too! Great list of reminders also to make time for yourself and get a workout and breakfast in everyday.

  5. Well.. I get my kids up, get my coffee made and get dressed! Sometimes just these 3 things are challenge enough! 😘

  6. I just added a workout to my routine and I feel so good about myself! I also just started a meal plan and it is making life a little less hectic!

    1. I just bought a smaller planner than my normal considering we are so fast forward into a technological world – I get excited when I have more things crossed off my list than not!

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