Where Have I Been and What The Hell Happened?

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It has been too long since I have written anything and I am so, so sorry! Only one post, yes just one post in 2021 and that was back in March-a very late post to review 2020 goals and aspirations. I have really struggled this year and after March, it got worse on so many levels! So, stay tuned because I am going to let you in on what the hell happened and where I have been.

Covid Times

Mental Health-the bad

For most people, Covid has really done a number on their lives. Whether they have had Covid, lost a loved one or friend due to Covid, and/or lost a job because of Covid, the mental anguish that it has brought a majority of people is overwhelming. My situation is no different.

As an HR Consultant, I did not have any projects/work for the majority of 2020. In addition, it felt wrong to take advantage of unemployment and any other ‘Covid’ benefits. Why you ask? Well, two reasons really. First of all, I didn’t lose any projects because of the pandemic so I didn’t think I was eligible. Secondly, during my 32 years of working, I only collected unemployment once during that time and the process was annoying and overbearing. Forget the fact that nobody was held to the ‘work’ you needed to do in order to collect, I just wasn’t interested in working for unemployment – some called me crazy for that. It is what it is. On a positive note, I’ve been inundated with work since January and it hasn’t stopped.


What the hell happened in April of 2021? I got Covid. Thankfully, I was asymptomatic. However, the drama surrounding who gave what to who, was enough to make me take a step back from many things. It is very unfortunate what this pandemic has done to people in general. There are so many individuals that I just cannot deal with anymore. Others have become a bit crazy. Seriously, people in general have gone nuts. I often say, “I hate people” and while that is a harsh statement, this pandemic along with all of the political drama has made me rethink my entire life – there may be more to come on that front later. With that being said, it took me 6+ weeks to test negative twice before I could go back into the office – so that was interesting and annoying as well. Ugh!

Cancer, What the Hell?

At the end of 2020, my sole communication was what the hell happened to my father. In two parts, I outline the trauma and drama of his untimely, unexpected death. (Here is part one and part two.) Life would never be the same. Of course, anyone who has lost a loved one would tell you that. 2021 was supposed to be better right? I didn’t realize I was still mourning the loss of my dad throughout this year (and still am). And then April came. Not only did I have to quarantine because of my Covid issues, my mom was going through a battle of her own.

To make a long story short, my mom was set to have gall bladder surgery to alleviate some major pain that affected her ability to walk. During surgery, they found something unusual and stopped surgery immediately. After numerous tests, my mom was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and she would undergo 3 months of chemo to shrink/stop the cancer spread. It didn’t stop. The cancer spread and she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and lets also add uterine cancer to the mix. She has completed her second round of chemo, the most aggressive form you can have in order to stop/shrink the cancer cells. During that round, she caught RSV.


My mom is doing as well as she can under the circumstances, which are not good. Her cancer spread and the only option is moving forward to extend both quality and life is immunotherapy. In addition, chemo brain is definitely real and affecting her mood and brain function. She says she is not in pain and feels fine. However, I know better. Prayers needed please….she still isn’t over my father’s death either. In fact, I don’t think she ever had the opportunity to fully grieve. Again, prayers needed please. This is also affecting me in ways I can’t even describe.

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Any Positives?

So with all of the negative, there has to be some positive right? Well, throughout 2021 I have had steady work that has allowed flexibility and enjoyment. That is a plus especially after not having income for a full year. I was able to escape from it all more than normal. Florida is a destination my husband and I visit yearly. In 2021, I was able to escape several there several times and a couple with friends, which was a first! It was wonderful to get away from life’s frustrations. It was also very difficult to find a destination that would have me with all of the nuances, mandates, etc. That may be another story (or many) for another day.

Fast Forward to Today

Happy New Year to me! A day after the new year commenced, I started with major cold and sinus symptoms. With all of the Omicron talk, I assumed Covid struck again. I wasn’t up for testing. After all, I had that swab up my nose six times during the first bout, I wasn’t feeling it. Unfortunately, I learned at least two others I was with in the preceding days tested positive for Covid so I was pretty sure I was positive too. After my husband searched for at-home tests with no luck, I decided to just deal with it and quarantined for 15 straight days. Unlike being asymptomatic the first time, this felt like a full-fledged cold. Sore throat, coughing up a lung, one nostril clear, one stuffed, sleep was hard to come by for most of that time.

I am lucky to be working still. My current contract continues to be extended based on projects that have stalled and helping the current HR department keep up. With all of the COVID regulations, mandates, etc., HR departments cannot get ahead with strategic endeavors. In addition, I signed a new HR consultant contract for 2022 working with HR Technology-this is very exciting.

HR Consulting

So – while I have been missing-in-action, I’m back and hoping to rebound with a new outlook. This pandemic has really changed the way we go to work everyday. Human Resources in itself has added a new responsibility to the role: Medical Expert/Coordinator/Manager – you pick!

I have so many different thoughts to share with you all. Here is a tease of what is in store in 2022:

  • The Termination Battle From a Human Resources Perspective
  • Where and How to Find Remote HR Roles
  • Dressing Up Frump
  • Fauci Ouchy
  • Female/Male/Non-Binary: When will Government Process Catch Up?
  • Why is Working From Home Amazing?
  • The Easiest Way to Earn HR Recertification Credits
  • How Many Leaves of Absences are There? Do I Qualify?

Well, those are some of the works I am generating. Do any of these peak interest? If so, subscribe (you will get HR freebies!) My goal is still to bring excitement and real thoughts about HR today and everything that the craziness of it all and it is nuts!

cheers and jeers (I just have to say it) for 2022

all the best,

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