HR Pro-To-Go; For Now?!

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My NEW Business Venture:  HR Pro-To-Go; For Now.

What is that?? Let me tell you how I got to be an HR Pro-To-Go.

My Human Resources world has been a bit crazy the past 15 years. I have always focused on salary, opportunity and traveling. That was it. Where can I go to make more money than I have so far and will there be travel? I’ll take that job. Never did I think about temporary roles or Independent Contracting-that was for individuals who couldn’t find a full-time job. That would never be me. I am just too good-that was just how I viewed the whole temporary opportunity.

Fast Forward To Today

After my last full-time role, I was very tired, stressed and quite frankly done with the HR world. Then I discovered “HR Pro-To-Go, for now”.

When I was on my NKOTB cruise, I received an email about a temporary opportunity that had an option to turn permanent. At this time, I was unemployed for about 3 months and feeling major amounts of pressure regarding money, laziness, just pure life pressure that I put on myself. Anybody who knows me would tell you I am frugal. However, up until this point, I went on at least 3 or 4 vacations a year, had season tickets to my favorite NHL hockey team that I waited 7 years to get and we were able to buy a ‘fun’ car that I always wanted but took out a 6 year loan to do so.

Perhaps I overstepped my spending. Now shopping at Aldi wasn’t so terrible. I started paying special attention to websites like, to save money of course. I was terrified at the thought of paying interest on credit card balances and going into debt. After all, I did that twice in the past and I was never going there again.

While I was being really particular with the positions being relayed to me, the term temporary was no longer making me nervous. Sure, I had bills to pay but my husband was working overtime like it was another full-time job and while it was nice, it wasn’t right and unfortunately it wasn’t paying all of the bills. With purple hair and all, I went on an interview to be the Interim HR Manager while the company decided which direction they were going to go in the Human Resources department.

HR Pro To Go

Independent Contracting

I literally started within 3 days as an Independent Contractor. Did they just hire me with purple hair? In HR Management? Wow….this must be an awesome company for sure. Jeans every day, Fun Fridays and a gym-I love this!

The outgoing HR Manager, who was leaving to take a step down in another company -why would she do that?!- introduced me to all employees as “HR for now.” At first, it was awkward but I went with it. It became a joke of sorts but I enjoyed the humor in it. After a total of 24 hours of training spanned across 4 days with a 7-day vacation in between, I was the Interim HR Manager working 40+ hours each week and actually getting paid for all of the hours. I like this flexibility but there was a lot to do in a short period of time.

Stress Flashbacks

Within weeks I was very busy and it brought back visions of my previous role and the stressfulness I felt. Suddenly the flashbacks were a bit much and I decided after a month or so that I wasn’t interested in the full-time role anymore. In fact, I enjoyed the concept of being flexible. I could do this…leaving and do a similar role elsewhere if needed. An IC has flexible work, is brought in for various reasons with one being projects. That is what I want…Something different all of the time and not stagnant.

After 4 months, the company finally hired an HR Director and soon I was about to embark on another journey. I stayed an additional 6 weeks of training and wrapping up a multitude of projects that were handed down in my last week. I loved the project piece and after an extended vacation, I may just have an opportunity to continue with this company on a project-based basis.

LOVE THIS!  I have also received a couple of other offers to do similar work. So consider me HR Pro-To-Go; For Now!

The moral of this story…

…and why I am telling it is that it is OK to make a drastic change in life because as long as you are happy and enjoying YOUR daily grind, nothing else matters! Look at all of the lemons we are dealt as opportunities in disguise and at some point, you will learn that not only do things happen for a reason but there is also a lot of learning about oneself in times of concern.  When unemployed I started on this blogging journey and I have found that working full-time was not affording me this opportunity to give more time to my new passion. However, HR Pro-To-Go helps me to do this.

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All the best… ♥Judean♥

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  1. Oh wow, you are the second person today that has said to basically “go with the flow”. It’s really refreshing to hear, especially from you, Judean. You were what sparked initial hope in our blog when you nominated us for the Liebster award. ❤️

  2. I love your last part about how it is okay to make a change in life as long as you’re on board with it. So often we get caught up in what society says on how we should do things. Great inspiration! Seems like you’ve had a fun journey!!

  3. I love your comment that things happen for a reason, and we can learn a lot about ourselves in times of concern. Very true! I hope you continue on as an HR Pro-to-Go and have a great time!

  4. I was laid off from a long time, high stress, corporate position a year ago. I decided to go into blogging full time, and have never been happier. I am completely in charge of the stress level in my life, and really love the freedom to step away for a day.

    1. It is so great to hear similar stories! I think I need to remain ‘helpful’ in HR to those who need guidance…but most of my blog is tailored to HR and behind the scenes craziness and helpful things as well. If I lose that connection – the blog may change – and who knows what the future holds as long as we are happy changing it!

  5. We are dealing with change at work now. All I can tell my employees is that work is just work – everything outside of work is far more important. And that I hope they can align with their true passions.

    1. The message you are sending is an awesome one! Unfortunately, there are others that do not share in that philosophy or they are just so wrapped up in ‘work’. I learned the hard way – but I am better for it now!

  6. I am going through a huge turning point in my life, career-wise…it’s good to read about other people with similar feelings who are pursuing their dreams!

    1. Many always feel alone in their stressfulness or changes – but always remember, we are never alone – I think blogging helps many realize that now more than ever!

  7. Congrats on your big change! It’s always a little scary and nerve wracking making a huge leap like that, but you do what you love and it all works out. At least that’s what I’ve always found 😉

  8. Great post! I recently left a full time HR job (been in HR since 2008) and I’m now in a semi-retirement phase, working 10-15 hours per week– remote! I may end up back in HR full time, but for the foreseeable future, I am enjoying the arrangement! Best of luck in your upcoming adventures!

  9. Cool story! I serve as the HR professional in our little 4-person office and sometimes I enjoy it!

  10. Wow! What a life changing ordeal. It sounds exciting to work on new things after a short period of time.

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