My Most Fun & Un-relaxing Vacation: NKOTB Cruise Day 3

Neon Night

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Many cruisers look forward to this Cruise Day 3 – on land. I’ve been on many cruises and the land days are not exactly my favorite especially if they are a repeat of a previous cruise. In fact, last year this NKOTB cruise was the same exact path, so why do we need to get off of the boat to see the same thing as last year? Cozumel -have you ever been there? What did you think? This post will be light with content – not because I didn’t enjoy the company, but nothing was happening at port that had anything to do with the New Kids so why stay?

Cruise Port of Cozumel, Mexico

On every NKOTB cruise that I have been on the ship stops at port for at least a full day. This is generally day 3 of the cruise and Cozumel, Mexico was our destination-again. It is filled with lots of commercial touristy shops and some local fare. There is a free beach to enjoy the sunshine and the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny. My friends were anxious to get to the pharmacy to get some medications as a nasty cold was going around and it definitely hit us. One of our friends hit up the massage table on the beach while I went with another to Fat Tuesday’s – you have to at least have a refreshing blended beverage while visiting port – it was thirst-quenching.

The most exciting part of the port experience was the wait-and-see if any New Kids would get a massage on the beach. After all, there were reports a couple of the guys were there last year – could they show up this year? While our friend was getting her massage, she overheard a couple of the massage therapists talking about needing two of beds pronto! While names weren’t overtly mentioned, it was clear 2 of the new kids would be getting a massage. Once our friend was done, we waited and waited and ‘stalked’ the area. It wasn’t clear if they were actually there or not. We ended up getting back on the boat and preparing for the night that was about to commence.

Joe Time

Joey McIntyre is the youngest of NKOTB clan. He also has been in several sitcoms, on Broadway, in movies, solo albums, and Dancing with the Stars, etc. When the band first came out, Joe was not my favorite. He was the youngest, his voice was Jackson 5-ish, and there was just something about him that I didn’t like. Fast forward through puberty, the New Kids reunion, several new albums both solo and alone, and numerous appearances on TV, Broadway, etc., Joe is grown. Joe is also very confident.

Joe Time was what would become the first of two solo shows – more on that on Day 4. This first show was 90 minutes of pure Joe joy for some. He started off the show with 5 minutes of meditation. It was strange. He sat in the middle of the stage with his phone on his lap and went on about how important it is and that he was going to do it now. He closed his eyes and just like that for 5 full minutes, we all sat silent. Some of us were trying hard not to giggle because it was just plain awkward. What was going to happen after this? What type of “Joe Time” show were we in for?

Honestly, that was my most memorable moment from Joe Time for me. I realized during this show that there were songs I didn’t know. My roommate sang many of the songs as Joe was her favorite growing up. For me, I learned a couple of ‘new’ songs that I eventually added to my Spotify playlist. However, it was not my favorite part of the cruise. Joe talked too much, sang songs I didn’t know and the mediation although interesting, was very awkward.

Neon Night Deck Party

This is perhaps the best night of any NKOTB cruise I have been on. Neon night is a mix of vibrant 80’s gear and blinding neon colors. I wore the same exact outfit from the previous year. Why not? It was the same cruise as last year with some different theme nights and activities. The bright lights were outrageous but as long as you weren’t hung over from being day drunk, it wasn’t too bad.

We headed to the lido deck a bit early because the NKOTB concert for Group B was scheduled quite late (10 pm) so we knew that half of the crazy fans were going to be gone. There was a girl in a wheelchair to the left of the stage that we got a spot next to. There was a question as to why she wasn’t in the accessible section because by the time everyone filters in, she won’t be able to see anything – everyone will be standing all around her.

Pin this!
Pin this!

After the concert let out, it was clear she was sent to save spots for her friends at least we hoped they were her friends. I had a moment of frustration and disappointment because of the situation. How dare they leave her to save their spots when they will be blocking her view ultimately….ugh! The night would prove to be the one the girls’ best nights I’m sure.

The deck party is the same every night. The only difference is the theme’s, outfits, some of the music, and where they guys move, who stays out longer than others, and where are they going to move to? Our backs were on fire for standing so long waiting for the guys to come out but it was so worth it.

Joe and Donnie Time


These pictures say it all. Joe came through the line and straddled our friend in the wheelchair right next to us. She was ecstatic, to say the least. 

In an attempt to get to Joey and the wheelchair girl quickly, Donnie Wahlberg decided to climb aboard a bodyguard and ride him through the crowd. My roommate looked at me highly irritated as she was bumped so hard – and some of the girls are so nasty and could care less about anyone but themselves. When we both looked up…it was Donnie Wahlberg and his guard….trying to get to Joe. I put my hand up and Donnie was trying to use me to brace himself while coming down from the shoulders of the bodyguard.

At that point, another bodyguard swooped into my right side and pretty much moved me out of the way. I was mad but not completely angry – this was the best thing ever! They were so close and I locked hands with Donnie for what felt like a long time….even though it may have only been seconds.

Donnie and BodyGuard
Riding to the Situation
What's up Joe?
What’s up Joe?

Cruise Day 3 was actually the best night for me. I am not a fan of neon colors and bright lights. However, the closeness and excitement of being entwined with greatness so close while they were ‘performing’ was better than a meet and greet for me where your time is super limited and they don’t ever appear to be overly excited to see you and the other 100 fans they greet in 20 minutes.

This was a great night. I don’t remember much after that moment. Cruise day 3 is over. However, the final day 4, is upon us. Is this NKOTB Cruise almost over already?  Yes, afraid so.

Check out the Final Day here!

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    1. Angelica, I get seasick on boats and the older I get, the worse it is. My first cruise I wore sea bands and took Dramamine. I didn’t like the sea bands as they are not fashionable at all, especially in a swimsuit! However, I kept taking the Dramamine. I was ok. I have been on 4 cruises since. Most of the time I am so pre-occupied that I don’t even notice the swaying – but I still taking motion sickness pills and I am ok. It definitely is worth one shot. Just keep in mind the higher the cabin and the closer it is to either end of the ship, the worse the sway can be. Stay in the middle of the ship and lower. You’ll be just fine!

  1. Wow! This looks like a blast!! I have never been on a cruise but would love to experience one. I think I might choose a more relaxing one though 😍

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