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Holiday Music

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In my HR world, music helps ground me-especially during the holidays! And its November and you probably have at least 2 local radio stations that changed to all holiday music all of the time. Personally, I think it is too early. There are 2 things that I like to happen in order for me to put on my saved holiday music. Number 1 – It needs to snow! I live in an area where it snows and even if just a tiny bit, I like to see it. SCORE! Number 2 – I just like it to be a little bit closer to Thanksgiving. With all of that being said, I am writing this early so that you can enjoy my favorite holiday albums that I do, especially if it is all new to you! This is my Holiday version of the Moodful music playlist.

The Best Holiday Movie Soundtrack

The Polar Express


This is my all-time favorite holiday movie and the soundtrack doesn’t disappoint either! There is something about holiday melodies as well as the way you can listen to the music and immediately relate it to the movie!

Tom Hanks is the star of this soundtrack since he plays so many different characters in the movie! However, some guest artists include Josh Groban, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and of course, you can’t have the holidays without some Bing Crosby.

Three of my favorite songs

  • Believe: by Josh Groban
    • This song is only played in the movie during the credits. However, it has become a holiday favorite and often played on the radio during this time of year. I have tears every time I hear it!
  • When Christmas Comes to Town: by Matthew Hall and Meagan Moore
    • Again, I get tears every time I hear this but it is only when I am listening to my Xmas playlist (usually when I am making cookies and I make a lot of them)!
  • Suite from The Polar Express: by Alan Silvestri
    • A soundtrack mastermind! I love the ‘Suites’ because it always pulls together all of the soundtrack arrangements and I just love the ebbs and flows, highs and lows of the music.

My Favorite Holiday Albums

Noel, Josh Groban

When I first heard this album, I was blown away. To begin with, I am such a huge fan of Josh Groban and this album takes the holidays to a whole new level. It is hard to believe this album was released in 2007! It was re-released in 2017. Many of these songs are staples on the holiday airwaves. I’ve picked out a couple of my favorites!

Two of my favorites songs

  • Little Drummer Boy
    • OK – this song, in general, is NOT a favorite. HOWEVER, this version is simply different. It may be because the arrangement is different and that is what I absolutely love about it! Andy McKee, an American fingerstyle guitar player is featured here and it really does make a huge difference!
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
    • Brian McKnight is featured on this song and again…the arrangement is so different and the crescendo pieces are so moving. I have tears when listening to this song.

Boyz II Men, Christmas Interpretations

There is a very good reason why the word “interpretations” is used in the title. Anyone looking for classic, standard, note-for-note renditions of their favorite Christmas songs will not find them here. That said, anyone looking for a unique and stylized collection of soulful holiday songs will not be disappointed–especially those who are Boyz II Men fans…Their reverence for the holiday is particularly evident with their treatment of “Silent Night.” “Let It Snow,” “You’re Not Alone,” “Share Love,” and “Cold December” are also included. Why “A Joyous Song” is not already a Christmas classic is hard to say. Here’s one last warning: don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to listen to some of these songs long after the holiday season is over.

 –Steve Gdula, An editorial review on Amazon

I could not have said this better myself! I truly love this album. Almost every song is my favorite! 20th Century re-released this as ‘The Christmas Collection’. I have the original and also in my favorites on Spotify!

Barenaked for the Holidays, Barenaked Ladies

If you know anything about BNL, their music is full of fun, silliness, and catchy lyrics. This holiday album is no different. They put their spin on a couple of holiday favorites and also throw in some Hanukkah songs as well! The only Hanukkah song that I know is popular is from Adam Sandler – who knew?

Some of my favorites songs

  • Jingle Bells
    • They throw in the ‘Batman’ verse – who does that? They also change up the arrangement, in pure BNL fashion!
  • Eif’s Lament
    • So as I was doing my ‘research’ for this piece, I learned that Michael Buble sings on this track! I listen and sing along all of the time and there was always this one voice that threw me! YIKES!
  • Christmas Pics
    • Another BNL hilarious song. It is so holiday! Let BNL walk you through an interesting holiday event!

Other Favorite Holiday Albums

I have always been a fan of 98ยฐ and have seen them in concert a couple of times. In my opinion, out of all the boy bands out there, they sing the best acapella and their melodies are breathtaking. I have both of these albums and listen to them every single season! Look at how they have all grown up! Some of my favorites from both:

  • Mary, Did You Know
    • From ‘Let It Snow‘ – It is very emotional…even for those who are not religious because of the movement of the music and the tone.
  • Christmas Wish
    • From ‘this christmas‘ – if you didn’t know by now, I like different. This song is that – non-traditional.

I hope you enjoy the holiday music and moods I’ve shared with you! I have created a playlist with all of these favorite holiday albums. Click here to listen to my Holiday Version of Moodful Music on Spotify!

I would love for you to name your favorite holiday song that may not be one that everyone knows!

All the best… *judean*

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  1. This list is awesome! I love love boys 2 men you can never go wrong with them ever! And donโ€™t even get me started on 98 degrees!

  2. I love holiday music and have a playlist as well. Iโ€™ll check out some of these songs that Iโ€™m unfamiliar with. Pentatonix features heavily in my playlist!

  3. Nice list! I tend to love acoustic such as Ed Gerhard or the oldies like Sinatra. A bit of nostalgia at the holidays always brings me joy. But definitely not until after Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. I did not know BNL had a Christmas album! the rest of these are already on my playlist, but I’ll have to look that one up for sure! Great list!

    1. I am not familiar with that Colorado Christmas. I just listened to it – it has a nice calming tone! A little country for my taste as I am really not a fan of it – but I like the harmony and words!

  5. I love The Polar Express soundtrack and had no idea that the Barenaked Ladies had a holiday album! I am going to check that out right now.

  6. Lots of folks love the holidays and live for holiday music. I will share this post with them in the spirt of the season. As for me December 26th is my favorite time of year. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Great list of holiday music albums! Josh Groban is one of my favorites! I saw Boyz in a holiday concert a few years ago, so I am going to get this one! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. I might have to turn some of these tunes on! I am getting into the holiday spirit extra early this year compared to my norm!

    1. That is awesome! I am a little late with some of my holiday antics – I start making and freezing cookies the 1st week in November – I am running late this year – haven’t even started!

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