My Top 3 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Highly Stressed & Anxious

Holiday Gift Ideas

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Happy November! As I write this, I am listening to holiday music to put me in a better, happier mood. It is has been one hell of a day and I am trying to calm down and not make rash decisions based on it. I get stressed out pretty quickly and many would say it is because of the littlest things. What people don’t realize is that there are always larger things that drive me crazy and get my anxiety high. Most will never know because of how I try and deal with it all. Here are my top 3-holiday gift ideas for those who are highly stressed and anxious.

#1 – Coloring Books

When I had my mental meltdown, I received coloring books and pencils for Christmas. I had been wanting them for a while but I wasn’t going to buy them…why would I do that? Someone was actually listening and I received The Calm Coloring Book listed below. Everyone deals with stress differently – some prefer flowers, others prefer swearing (I am not going to lie, that was my focus when I first started looking). Some of these books are super inexpensive too! The last time I checked – the Calm Coloring book was $2.00 – all of the below are less than $10.00 each!

I colored a couple of pages shortly after the holiday that year but then put the book away until just recently! I find that coloring brings out emotions and I have posted some of my ‘art’ for all to ponder. As you can see, this is my favorite way (besides playing bingo haha) to relax.

Color and Draw Products at Crayola

#2 – Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Body Lotion & Bath Foam

Several years ago I found this amazing scent at Bath and Body Works. Oh – my – goodness I just loved this so much and when it was all gone I could no longer find it. Then last year, it was back! I am not a huge lavender fan but this particular combination with vanilla helps to put my mind at ease and fall asleep faster. I love the scent and after a shower at night, I put this lotion on before I go to bed. It is seriously the best scent ever! I found this combination on Amazon so if Bath and Body Works ever decides to discontinue for a long period of time again, then hopefully it will still be available online! They also have various other ‘Sleep’ Aromatherapy combinations! They are all over Amazon!

#3 – Aromatherapy Healing Neck and Shoulder Wrap

My third and final holiday gift idea…yes, I also received one of these for Christmas that same year. To say I was stressed out is an understatement. I had the one with handles already but the one that looks like it belongs on an airplane is more concentrated for the neck. The wrap with handles can be used in various areas.

Stress builds up tension. I have neck issues and lower back issues and when I am full of stress and anxiety, these areas suffer. Using these wraps are the perfect way to de-stress and relax muscles. The bonus is that they are microwaveable and have great relaxing scents. I still use both of mine, usually when my neck is stiff or in nagging pain-too often really!

Bonus – Music

Music also helps relieve stress and anxiety, whether it be angry, soft, or joyous there is always meaning. Check out my first blog post about Moodful Music, which includes a playlist that can be listened to on There you have it – my top 3-holiday gift ideas for those stressed and anxious. If you have friends or family going through hard times, whether you actually see it or not (strong people like to hide true feelings and then explode later), these 3 gifts could help them in ways you will never realize! We all have bad days but some more than others. Let’s give the gift of relaxation!

Holiday Gift Ideas
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  1. Great ideas to help promote calm and relaxation! Coloring is very helpful for me when I can’t stop focusing on something that is causing me anxiety. It takes my mind off of it and allows me to put all my focus into something else without really thinking. I love the “Sleep” scent that Bath & Body Works has. I have it in the pillow spray, as well as the foaming hand soap. I think I need to get a my hands on one of those aromatherapy neck wraps, especially since it is lavender scented!

  2. Any gift to relieve stress and anxiety is always a good one! These are some nice suggestions… maybe add a bottle of wine to the list. Just kidding…maybe not πŸ™‚

  3. I also love to color, and recently I’ve discovered decorating cookies is even more fun than coloring because I get to eat my pretty design when I’m finished. Lol

    I also really appreciate the coloring book with the swear words in it. My kind of stress relief.

    1. I love baking during the holidays but not decorating the cookies – that seems too time-consuming for me! It is strange because coloring takes time too…but I have more control with colored pencils!

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