ICYMI: Quotes #19-24 Tuesday Tells & Tattles

ICYMI: Quotes #19-24

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“Quotes” they make us laugh, they make us think, and most importantly they can make us happy. When I started Tuesday Tells & Tattles, my hope would be it would become ‘viral’ HA! While they have not generated the enthusiasm I had hoped for, it is still okay! Tuesday Tells & Tattles may end up turning into a fancy segment for my work-in-progress podcast. My “forever working on it” project that I hope to have up and running by the end of 2020 (keyword: hope). Every Tuesday I post a quote that speaks to me whether it be funny, serious, business-related, motivating or just plain intriguing. During these unprecedented times, sometimes we need a laugh, cry, to learn, and/or get through. These quotes range from my own rants, raves, and sayings to celebrities, pioneers, or they simply remain anonymous. So, ICYMI, here are quotes #19-24 of Tuesday Tells & Tattles!

I have been sharing quotes every single week since April 2019. In case you missed them (ICYMI), I bundle them up, 6 at a time as a recap! Check out my first three rounds below. Enjoy and please share!

Quotes #13-18

Quotes #19-24

Jonathan Harnisch #19: Worthy of Life

Everyone is worthy of a great, positive life. As long as we believe we are good people – who cares what others think? We are all worthy of happiness and healthiness – don’t let others take over YOU (your thoughts and beliefs)!

Worthy of Life

Margaret Wheatly #20: Business Relationships

If you want to get things done, being able to build relationships as a first step is so important! This also is true for personal relationships as well! Read my article for more details on Interpersonal Savvy and how important it is to build relationships!

Building Relationships

Albert Einstein #21: Opportunity

Albert Einstein was a genius in many ways. While managing conflict is very difficult for some, when we look for the opportunity that lies within, it can take a very different, positive turn. Do you have a story that echoes this quote?


William Arthur Ward #22: Teachers

This quote defines what it takes to develop talent. Whether you are in management, human resources, a parent, or the education field, what you do as a teacher has the greatest impact on people! Thoughts?

Teachers Quote

Alan Perlis #23: Complexity

Why do we make things so difficult? From business to our personal lives, when there is a complex issue, many tend to ignore it. We need to take hints from this quote & remove the complexity & solve problems/issues more effectively. Don’t be a fool – it wastes time!

Complexity Quote

Amit Kalantri #24: Imitate

When I found this quote, it was profound and oh so true! Children learn from their parents and employees learn from their managers. Be a great role model and act responsible and with purpose – employees and children will generally follow suit!

Imitate Quote

Life as we KNEW it has changed. It has been almost 5 months since we started social distancing, masks, etc. Still, the life we once knew has been suspended indefinitely and mental health is of concern for many. These quotes #19-24 generate conversation, make us learn and get through trying times.

What is your favorite quote on this new list? Please comment below and let me know!

all the best… *judean*

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  1. The quote that spoke to me most was the one about teaching. I’ve always known I could never be a teacher. I just don’t have the patience. But I’ve realized I love explaining in detail what I am most knowledgeable of. It spoke to me because I’ve recently been thinking about if I could possibly be some sort of teacher one day. I would have to learn patience though!

  2. I just love things like this!
    My favorite quote is, “Vision without Action is a Daydream; Action without Vision is a Nightmare”.
    Don’t know who said it first, but I had it posted in my lab, for all the students to contemplate…because it’s apropos in science as well as in many other areas of life!

    1. Love this quote! Might need to use it for inspiration! A quick google search revealed it is commonly claimed to be a “Japanese proverb” or attributed to Soichiro Honda.
      Thanks for sharing!

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