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Update 7/2019: 

I am still learning more every single day!! Blogging still is a bit time consuming, but gets easier with time! The tools and support are overwhelmingly positive and I encourage everyone who might be interested in learning about blogging, to definitely take advantage of the FREE 5-Day How to Start a Money Making Blog course – if you really enjoy reading and writing, telling stories and making your own schedule – try it because you have nothing to lose!

the beginning

Wow! I never thought it would be so mentally challenging and time-consuming…starting a blog.

It is very similar to the HR world…Human Resources! Being in this lovely field is also mentally challenging and at times consuming all of you!  That is why this blog was started for the mere facts there are many sides to HR…

The funny side
…the funny side
…the serious side  
…the crazy side

All sides are relevant and lead to many challenges.

My friend and I started the idea of this blog in 2014 amidst very crazy times and I mean CRAZY TIMES! To get through all of this, you just have to laugh at what transpires when you are working just to get through the day. However, in time, being in HR takes a toll on an individual and that is why after the past 3 years of talking about this venture, with all of the stressful and mental work-related challenges, I am finally devoting much of my time to share my HR journey.  Many of my close friends will also be sharing their insights – both on the HR side and the employee side.

Now the question…Who in the world would want to read these stories?  I think everyone will be interested!  Some will be amused, relieved, bewildered and most of all addicted to the outta the box HR stories that my friends and I will share, eventually!

So please bear with me while I navigate through this blogging learning process! Oh – and if you ever wondered why someone would get into Human Resources – read why I did here.

🙟 all the best….judean 🙟

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  1. This is the first part of yours I’ve read. Looking forward to reading your stories, I’m sure you’ve got some funny ones!

    1. Coincidentally, I am a runner…more short distances like 5ks, 10ks and max distance quarter marathons. Running takes a special kind of mindset which definitely translates to blogging!

    1. I started this when I as taking a break from working. Then I got a call to do some independent contracting and it has become long hours and reminds me why I started this blogging journey to begin with. So.. as my work winds down, I have refocused on my priorities. Lots of stories to share soon! Thanks for your insight.

  2. I often handle the HR aspect side in most of my jobs so yes I am definitely curious to read your articles! We are different kind of breed and awesome people because we work to understand what someone wants out of their career as well as being the cushion between the bosses and employees. Can’t wait to see your work!

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