Sad That Social Distancing Is Really Over For Now

Sad Social Distancing is Over

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It has been an interesting ride hasn’t it? Every since March 15, 2020, social distancing has been at the forefront of everyone’s life! While it has been a struggle at times, for the most part the pandemic new normal has been very fun. However, all good things must come to a stupid end and I have actually written a post about that. It is an interesting read. I digress. While change is good, in this instance I am sad. I am very sad that social distancing is really over…for now.

From Then….

In 5 months so much has changed, including us! Jaxon, Maxim and I started recording in March when the weather was cold. At that time, an assumption was made that students would go back to school 30 days later! Wow were they wrong at that time! While the backdrop hasn’t changed (where these yahoos play PS4 all day), we have a little bit. Here are some of the highlights from the beginning of this pandemic:

  • In person education suspended for 30 days & distance learning begins
  • Social distancing requirement begins – staying at least 6 feet away from others
  • Restaurants in NYS ordered to close at 8pm on this very same day

…Until Now

Fast forward 5 months and this pandemic has changed the world. Wearing masks everywhere is normal. The new school year is still being discussed and parents have been giving the opportunity to have their child(ren) go to school physically or go entirely online. Oh and the hybrid model (mix between the two) seems to be the norm for this 2020-2021 school year. Hear are some highlights of the here and now (specific to NYS):

  • You cannot go into any business without wearing a mask
  • Travel is extremely restricted. Some states have a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine rule if you happen to travel to a Covid-19 ‘hot spot’
  • Many schools are started the new year off -all online!
  • Most fall sports (college and high school) have been cancelled or postponed until spring
  • National sports have no spectators (or extremely limited)

And we all have changed as well. These two yahoos had birthdays and in my opinion have had growth spurts…like WOW! I’ve changed a bit as my hair has slowly reverted back to normal and I have slimmed down some too. To see what this pandemic has done to me, read this!

So, Is It Really Over Now?

Obviously, social distancing is still prevalent today as well as masks, no audience concerts/sports and many businesses (if they survived so far) can only operate at 50% capacity. Our world has continued evolving or should I say dissolving? Let that sink in a bit.

Let’s just say its ever changing and while we end the month of August 2020, it is a very different landscape than March 2020. Our two fearless stars of the weekly voicecast known as Social Distancing from a Kids Perspective have decided it’s time to move on. We have recorded 20 weeks and have done it together, separate and without me – so much fun! We have all enjoyed this fun endeavor and perhaps it will be something to look back on and laugh, cry, wonder in disbelief, etc. Last week we recorded our 20th and final episode. We went all of the way back and listened to the first recording and shared thoughts. It is amazing what has transpired throughout this journey from a kids perspective during these pandemic-induced times.

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Without further adieu…I present to you “Social Distancing from A Kids Perspective – Our Final Episode. Please let me know what you think!

all the best….and sad to see it end 🙁 ….judean

If you are interested in any of the 20 weeks that were recorded, please visit either my YouTube Channel or my blog page dedicated to it!

Social distancing kids now

Throughout this pandemic, Jaxon, at times, has been a P-I-T-A! One of my favorite pics and he has to do a weird eye thing so I fixed him! Couldn’t end without a crazy moment!

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  1. Social distancing had it’s positives and negatives. Good to hear the kids perspective. So sorry you guys have to go back to school but I’m sure they will be happy to meet their friends.

  2. It’s so crazy to think about how much has changed. I’m also super curious to see what the long-term impacts are on how we do daily life!

  3. so many great thoughts thank you for sharing this journey! we will all relate to this post now and for years to come.

  4. Yes, it definitely sucks that this is our new normal and that things may never be the same after this pandemic. I just hope that things do not get worse from here on out and that we can somehow control this soon, but then again who knows. Love you guys’ dynamic, super funny – keep it up lol xxx

    1. True, COVID has brought many changes in our life. The negative situation has mot only slowed down our financial and personal growth but it affected our emotion and health a lot.

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