How Is Your Holiday Season So Far? Hell or Happy??

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Another holiday season is upon us and soon they will come and go. How is your holiday season going so far? Some love the holidays-every single aspect of it: shopping, crowds, lights, hustle, bustle, and happy memories. Others, for various reasons, do not like the holidays: shopping, crowds, lights, hustle, bustle, and sad memories. So, are you feeling happy or hellish?

Where do I start? Let’s be honest, holidays are the best reason to legitimately be off of work right?

Holiday Season Happy Vibes:

  1. Off from work
  2. Spending time with family – sometimes it’s the only time of the year you actually see them
  3. Relaxation – if you are not the one who is responsible for having the get-together
  4. Giving….gifts, love, etc.
  5. Holiday gatherings…because they are fun
  6. Decorations – some love to dress up their trees with ornaments, house with lights, etc.
  7. SNOW! So pretty if you have snow for the holiday season

Holiday Season Hellish Vibes: 

  1. Working
  2. Some people just can’t stand being around family (or perhaps they do not have any family)
  3. No relaxation – because you are the one with all of the guests
  4. Buying gifts for others – sometimes this is a stressful task and time consuming
  5. All of the holiday parties…too many for some
  6. Missing a loved one who has moved on
  7. SNOW! Some really dislike the cold weather

So Far? Struggle

This year is a bit of a struggle for me. I love the holiday season but each year I get older, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore and it takes me longer to decorate if I actually do all of it. Right now, my tree has been up for three weeks-no ornaments. I am not done shopping/making my gifts. I still need to make my pierogies as well because I host family Christmas Eve. As I am writing this, I only have 2 whole days to get it all done.

Despite all of this outstanding, my 13 varieties of cookies were done early (check out my list in this baking post)! So, that makes me HAPPY and my aunt is in town for the first time in a very long time – so my holiday season is happier than hellish.

So – how is your holiday season going so far? Let me know by commenting below!!!!

All the best… *judean*

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  1. I love the Happy post with the hearts! This season isn’t so bad because I really tried to do a little at a time so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. It also helps to know that everything doesn’t have to turn out perfect. Merry Christmas!

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