First Time? Read this before NKOTB Cruise 2020!

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So, for those who know me, it is no secret that I am a huge NKOTB fan. While there have actually been 10 NKOTB Cruises since the band reunited in 2008, I have only managed to be on 4 of them. Starting in 2015, my sister and I were able to reserve a cabin and I have been lucky enough to score a cabin each year since! This vacation is a stress reliever for me! After 2018 – a ten-year run, there was a hint the cruise would be back in 2020 and indeed it will be! After 3 long days of trying to secure a cabin, it finally happened and my sister and I will be back on ‘da boat this April (2020)! How about you? Is this your first time? I think you will find it interesting and informative if you read my information before the NKOTB Cruise 2020!

FYI– The NKOTB Cruise 2020 is SOLD OUT! But you can get on the waitlist if you truly are interested! Click here to visit the official site, which will ultimately take you to Rose Tours site . They are exclusive to charter cruises and have hosted many different themed cruises included but not limited too NKOTB, BackStreet Boys, Rick Springfield, etc.

Switching Gears

I have been a blogger since 2017. My first several posts were about my 2017 NKOTB Cruise experience. While this was actually my 3rd cruise, I still wrote this as an amateur blogger and somewhat documented the pre-planning, pre-cruise party and each day of fun until it all commenced on the final day.

I encourage all blockheads and cruise virgins to read my 6-part blog NKOTB Cruise series from 2017 so you can get an idea of my experience each and every day of the NKOTB Cruise. Everyone’s encounters are different. Depending on what you want your experience to be, you may be one to lurk, wait and waste time hoping to get selfies and drink until you can’t remember. For me, I am one who enjoys every moment but I do not waste time for ‘hopes’ of an encounter, picture or selfie. I let them happen naturally – that is how I roll and I refuse to let anyone ruin my ‘vacation’.

My 6-Part NKOTB Cruise Series – 2017

Planning for all you need to do prior to leaving for your awesome vacation!
Don’t miss the NKOTB party to benefit charity (if they have one)
The beginning…excitement!
Donnie Wahlberg Day
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During the day – land. At night, FUN!
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Last day, sad day, exhautstion

ICYMI (in case you missed it)!?

Since 2008, the NKOTB reunion started the NKOTB Cruise AND spawned several new albums! When I talk with people and confess I am a Blockhead, many are excited and claim they love the band. The problem is, they haven’t heard any of their new music. Quite honestly, the new music (in my opinion) is better because we are all grown up and the music, voices, and messages are just better! Below are my NKOTB album picks – old and new!

If you are only familiar with the old stuff, you can probably guess what is new by looking at the album covers above and below! Yes- if you are obsessed like me, you already know all of this!


If this is your first time going on the NKOTB Cruise, do your research! There are some awesome YouTube Videos and Facebook pages that you can research and join if you haven’t already. Also, look for NKOTB music that is new to you! There are a couple of songs I didn’t even recognize on the cruise and had to look them up – as a super fan, I started questioning it because I didn’t know the songs unless they were on the albums!

Live it Up – The Offical NKOTB Cruise song!
Rock This Boat Episodes

In the beginning, I was immersed in social media groups so that I can learn as much as I can beforehand. However, I will warn you – it can get a bit caddy. Don’t take everything verbatim and don’t get too involved because you may just get frustrated! Since I have been on this cruise 4 times so far, I have met great friends that I tend to be around and learned to NOT be around other individuals because they can be nasty, mean, entitled, etc. You don’t want that!

Enjoy what you learn and be prepared. Some blockheads are over the top (well many of them are), some are subdued, and some are super fun and awesome to hang out with!

all the best, *judean*

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  1. I have a sister and a cousin who have been on these cruises. My cousin is a huge fan of NKOTB. So glad you’ve been able to enjoy these vacations and make some tremendous memories while doing so!

    1. I have never heard of this. Bit it really does sound like lots of fun. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s informative for me.

  2. I’ve been to one of their gigs. A long time ago. That would be cool to do them together with a cruise. enjoy! I can’t imagine my fav band now doing a cruise

    1. I have never been a fan of cruising but after I have done this one 4 times, I have been on 2 normal ones and I think I may start cruising instead of doing our normal all-inclusives…it is just different.

  3. I am so jealous you have been on some cruises. I would love to go on one but the money never works out. I’ve been a fan since 1988/89 but have only managed to go to 3 concerts. I can never get my friends to go. The cruises look like a blast and how awesome to be surrounded by people with similar interests.

    1. Once you go, it is addictive and the money is difficult – one of the most expensive ever. Hey – if you ever need someone to go with..let me know. I can always meet you at a concert-I have traveled to see them. Interestingly enough, I was just talking to someone who is going solo and asking me lots of questions!

  4. I never knew a NKOTB cruise existed! This seems like a great vacation! Thank you for sharing your past adventures and have a great time this year!!

    1. Yeah! I will be in Boston the week before to run the BAA 5k and watch my friend run her first Boston Marathon! I will hit Wahlburgers while there of course!

  5. Before reading this I did not even know that NKOBT was a thing but now my interest has been piqued and thank you for direction on where I can learn more. I think I will plan for a cruise at least once in the next five years. Face my fears.

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