Do You Like to Run & Ride Roller Coasters?

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First question: Do you like to run? I have been running since 2012 but I never really thought of myself as a runner until a couple of years ago. Why? I run ALOT! Running is a stress reliever for me and my main form of exercise. In my HR career, there are several stress relievers I take advantage of and running is at the top of my list! The Run and Ride Series is a stress reliever.

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Second Question: Do you like to ride roller coasters? When I was in college studying for my travel and tourism degree, I had the opportunity to work at my favorite amusement park…Cedar Point, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!® In the past, it was referred to as America’s Roller Coast – I prefer that tagline myself. However, with 18 roller coasters as well as so many traditional rides, it is definitely a world-class operation. The Run and Ride Series is also a FUN stress reliever!

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3 weeks until Opening Day!!! 🙌

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Can you pick out how many coasters are in this picture alone?

Celebrating 150 Years!

This year, Cedar Point is celebrating 150 years of history. From the beginning as a beach to the world-celebrated amusement park that creates a new record-setting roller coaster every 2-3 years while maintaining all of its other roller coasters, this is THE YEAR to visit and why not make it a RUN and RIDE weekend!!

The Run and Ride Series

It is a through back to the Peanuts beginning! Who doesn’t want these?

This is the fourth year I am attending another weekend in Cedar Point for the Run and Ride Race Series on June 13-14, 2020.  This is one of three events throughout the year (King’s Dominion and California’s Great America) and in my opinion one of the best race options for your budget. There are 4 races to choose from 1 mile, 5k, Quarter Marathon, and Half Marathon. My favorites are the 5k and Quarter Marathon and 2020 will be my fourth year participating. This year is more special because our running group has decided to make it an ‘out of town’ travel race and we have a team so it is going to be oh so fun!

Register Now!

You can’t beat the registration prices. My husband and I both run the 5k, he does the half marathon and I run the quarter. We also enjoy the park for 3 days, get tons of awesome swag and get to hang out with many of our runner friends and we did it for just over $200 this year! We registered as soon as it opened last year. However, the prices are still great in comparison to other series. By registering early, you save! You get so much for your money and it is so much fun!

Run and Ride Series

So join us for a weekend of FUN and STRESS RELIEF! I promise if you are a runner and a rider – you will NOT be disappointed!

All the best… *judean*

Check out previous finisher medals from my post last year: Winter Blues? Plan a Run and Ride Getaway

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  1. I honestly don’t like running at all, but I feel like I should be doing it for a more active life. Perhaps doing it with someone or groups it would be more pleasant. I for sure want to run a marathon once in my life 🙂 I should start preparing now haha

    1. A marathon is a big fete when you don’t like running. I have learned to love running but I most likely will never do a marathon. I do not enjoy long-distance running – I won’t even attempt a half marathon! My longest race distance is a quarter marathon. My longest non-race distance is 8.5 miles. When I did that, I couldn’t walk the next day – major back issues! Good luck on your marathon goal! Put your mind to it and do it!

    1. I started with 5ks. Then it turned into 10ks, quarter marathons, 1-mile races, snowshoe races, and trail running. I love trail running-it is my favorite and I spend so much time hoping I don’t fall, that the time just flys by!

    1. Thank you – if you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would ever be a ‘runner’ I would have said NO WAY! It just happened. Strange how things just happen!

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