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Exercise Gifts

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Have you ever purchased anything just ‘because’? Maybe they were inexpensive? Perhaps they were interesting and you just needed to see what they were all about. A running friend may have steered you in a certain direction and you jumped on the exercise gift bandwagon? I love Amazon, especially the Prime membership! I order fairly often from there but also do my fair share of returns for various reasons (while I hate returning anything, I do love that returning Amazon products to Kohl’s gets me a Kohl’s discount of 25% off YES!). Let me tell you about my favorite, affordable gifts to buy for yourself OR that exercise enthusiast!!

For Exercise Enthusiasts: Runners/Walkers

Exercise is important to me. At least five times a week, I am running pavement, trails and/or treadmills, snowshoeing in the winter, or going for brisk walks. I also do a little bit of weight training using my exercise dice! The information below is my inexpensive Amazon must-have gift list for anyone who is an exercise enthusiast!

MPow Wireless Headphones

I am a runner. On my longer runs and on the treadmill, I usually listen to music. I used to have the Samsung Gear Fit 2 which was GPS-enabled and stored music (can’t stand holding my phone while running)! That was the first time I bought a pair of MPow headphones and they worked great! Then when I accidentally left them in my jacket pocket-they toured the washer AND dryer! Guess what? They STILL worked after that for about 6 months – impressive! When I needed to get a new GPS watch, I decided to get another pair of MPow wireless headphones too. These are really inexpensive and a gift you just can’t go wrong giving!

These are the actual wireless headphones I bought almost 2 years ago. They are awesome! The price is right (actually I paid more for these when I bought them), they work well, hold a charge for a long time and now necessary considering new phones no longer have a jack to plug headphones into.

Fitbit Ionic – My Favorite Exercise Gift

Today, I have a Fitbit Ionic. Why? One day after a race, I took off my Samsung Gear Fit 2 and set it on top of the car. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and the watch fell off and got ran over. While I enjoyed this watch, it wasn’t always accurate. So when it was time to get a new one, I chose the Ionic because I was familiar with the Fitbit app from a previous step tracker and it was less expensive than the Garmin watch that holds music. I do love my Ionic. However, I do feel the GPS is less accurate (by about .05 mi) than a GPS on Garmin.

Blitzu Head Flashlight Lamp/Bike Lights

If you run at night, especially in the winter, a lighted headlamp is a must! We also bought this brand for our bike lights so if we are riding the streets at dusk or night, we are visible. You cannot go wrong with these! The price is just right and is another great inexpensive exercise gift!

Lighted Vests

To me, headlamps are an added benefit. What I really love is my Noxgear lighted vest. Last year, one of the running clubs I belong too had a special promo code and we saved a lot! However, I have several friends who have bought different vests on Amazon and love them. Check out the various lighted vests available! It is best to have a lighted vest that has various settings such as blinking, changing colors, etc. so that you are more visible…and Noxgear actually has a lighted vest for your dog – go figure!

Did you know that if you order from Amazon, you have a store? It’s called ‘Your Name’s’ It is in categorical grid-format that shows what you may have purchased previously, browsed or items that are similar to it all. I love this because instead of searching for something I bought a couple of years ago, it is featured (or something similar) on that page!

What are some of your favorite gifts for that exercise enthusiast? Let me know in the comments below!

all the best…*judean*

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  1. Great ideas. I will also say that those BLITZU Head flashlights are great when I’m out working in the barn. It’s dark and I don’t want to get kicked by an angry donkey who doesn’t know I’m there. They are really bright and I have no problems doing what I need in a dark barn with on one my head.

  2. I didn’t know that returning an Amazon purchase through Kohl’s results in a discount! I HAVE to try that! I love the products here. I was a long distance runner for years and hope to again. I have headphones similar to those that I used every day, and they were awesome. It’s the Noxgear dog vest, though, that has me super excited!

  3. Great list. I can’t believe those headphones worked for 6 months after going throught the washer and dryer!!!! I love my fitbit watch my husband got me for Christmas πŸ™‚

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